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Youngevity MLM - A Complete Evaluation Of The Youngevity Organization

Youngevity is just a health and wellness company that's been operating since 1991. In 2011 it celebrates its 20th birthday, so it seems like a good time to sit back, take stock, and ask "What's Youngevity about?" and "Is Youngevity a con?"

Youngevity - The Good

Youngevity was founded by Dr. Joel Wallach, also known as 'The Mineral Doctor', in 1991 with the goal of improving people's health and making people into millionaires at the exact same time. Many people have become millionaires with Youngevity , but the vast majority of Distributors still fail within their business, so why is this, and what have you got to accomplish to construct a huge Youngevity business?

The Bad

Youngevity sell a large array of products, from mineral and vitamin supplements to healthy chocolate, and from soap to soil revitalizer for your garden! The issue with Youngevity isn't the merchandise, but the very crowded market place that they operate in.

Health and wellness is big business, and there is a lot of money to be produced in the industry. But additionally, there are a large amount of health and wellness companies selling similar products and offering similar benefits. A lot of the merchandise are good, so the key to selling your Youngevity products is to make them stand out of the crowd.

The Ugly

That is easier said than done. Most Youngevity Distributors will pay attention to bad advice and make the wrong decisions, and for this reason most of them fail. Traditionally, MLM companies advise their Distributors to test and sell to their friends and family, hand out business cards, hold meetings, give presentations, offer free samples - basically do anything to have the people that you know to join your business.

Hardly any companies suggest that you should try and sell to people you DON'T know, and those that do just inform you to purchase leads online and cold call potential clients.

What you should do to make your Youngevity products stands out of the crowd is to learn the explosive secret behind target marketing. If you need to use the internet to offer answers and solutions for people who are trying to find them, you can position yourself as an expert who people know, trust, and want to purchase from. In this manner people will be interested in buying your product as a result of YOU.

It's a favorite fact that individuals prefer to purchase from a trusted source, and so the key to making your products be noticeable in a crowd is by making YOURSELF be noticeable in a crowd.

To understand how you need to use the internet to construct a massive and trusted client base for your Youngevity business, see the